Romer Advising Prize

The Karen T. Romer Prize for Undergraduate Advising and Mentoring was created in 2004 to recognize and reward excellence in advising by Brown faculty. The prize was established by the family of trustee Marty Granoff, and is named for a former Associate Dean of the College who was a creative and passionate advocate for undergraduate education.

The Romer Advising Prize is presented each year to two faculty members who have demonstrated extraordinary care in attending to the academic and personal needs of undergraduate students. Each winner receives an award of $10,000. The 2014 recipients of the award are Odest Chad Jenkins, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Stephanie Ravillon, Senior Lecturer, French Studies.

Past recipients include Professors Banchoff (Mathematics), Chudacoff (History), Elliot (Sociology), Garcia-Coll (Education), Green (History and Portuguese & Brazilian Studies), Lincoln (History of Art and Architecture), Pucci (Classics), Terry-Morgan (Africana Studies), Tullis (Geological Sciences), Vorenberg (History), Fischer (Geological Sciences), Hu-DeHart, (History), Cheit (Political Science and Public Policy), Swartz (Biology and Medicine), Blume (Engineering), Burwell (Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences), Harvey (Religious Studies), Shibusawa (History and American Studies), Britton (Psychology and Human Behavior), Wright (Cognitive, Linguistic, and Psychological Sciences), Basu, Associate Professor of Chemistry, and Richards, Professor of History.

A request for nominations goes out to faculty and students every March, and winners are selected by a committee of students, faculty, and administrators. The prizes are awarded at a special ceremony. For further information about the award, please contact Barbara Sardy in the Office of the Dean of the College.