On-Campus Recovery Student Groups

The Early Recovery Group (EROB) is a weekly, one-hour meeting for Brown students who have made a commitment to try and abstain from one or more substances that are disruptive to their desired experience at Brown. 

The Open Recovery Group (ORB) (new in Fall 2021) is a weekly, one-hour meeting for Brown students who want to develop healthier relationships to their substance use through self-discovery. This group subscribes to best practices in harm reduction.

These groups provide safe, private environments for discussion of matters related to recovery in general and to life as a college student at Brown in particular. The ultimate objective of the group is to help students develop the social support necessary for sustained recovery from substance use disorder so that they may continue their studies, graduate from college, and thrive in their lives post-graduation. 

Both groups are led by licensed social workers from outside of Brown with experience working with people with substance use disorders and people who use substances. Students can attend both groups or select one that fits their needs more precisely. There is no requirement that members be affiliated with any other recovery, twelve-step, or support group to participate. A student wishing to join the Early Recovery Group or Open Recovery Group should schedule a meeting with Dean Lindsay Garcia. Recent Brown alumni and RISD students are also welcome to join these groups after meeting with the Dean.