Academic Tutoring

Group Tutoring

Group tutoring is offered for select introductory courses in science, math, economics, and statistics. Students are assigned to small groups that meet weekly to review important or difficult topics covered in class that week. Tutors have either taken the course or proven competency, and have been trained by  experienced Tutor Leaders.

Group tutoring is offered Sundays 2-10 pm and Mondays-Thursdays 6-10 pm. We do our best to offer various group sessions, but you might need to alter your schedule to accommodate the available tutoring sessions.
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Language Tutoring

Individual tutoring is available for introductory and intermediate Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish. To apply for one-on-one language tutoring, complete the individual tutoring request online.  A request is forwarded to the course instructor or TA for approval. Once approved by the course instructor, the request is processed by the Assistant Director. Students may schedule up to two tutoring hours per week. Language tutoring sessions are available Sundays 2-10 pm and Mondays through Thursdays 6-10 pm. Tutors and tutees must meet in the designated tutoring rooms during these times.

Students in other language courses are encouraged to meet with their instructors for extra assistance.

Individual Tutoring

Except for students in introductory and intermediate language courses, students who wish to apply for individual tutoring for a specific course must be participating in group tutoring for that course, if it is offered.  Students will be notified within one week if a tutor is available.