Athena Science Challenge

The 2014 Athena Science Challenge has been cancelled due to lack of registering teams. We sincerly apologize to all the girls who were looking forward to attending this year.  

The Athena Science Challenge is a pioneering outreach effort by the Women in Science and Engineering program (WiSE) at Brown. The goal of the ASC is to engage high school girls with an interest in science by giving them an opportunity to demonstrate and enrich their scientific knowledge, skills, and creativity. As a team-based quiz-bowl style tournament, we seek to nurture collaborative teamwork and a spirit of vibrant competition in the service of learning and discovery.

In addition to promoting knowledge and investigation, the ASC aims to expose young women to the dynamic aspects of the numerous facets of the science, technology and math subjects through interactive workshops, experiments and demonstrations by scientists and researchers passionate about their field of study. Above all, we seek to illuminate the fascinating, curious and intriguing aspects of science that make it such an intellectually stimulating field.

Moreover, we aim to attract young women to the prospect of science as a career. Professors, alumni, graduate students and undergraduates will speak at a Science Opportunities Fair, an expo dedicated to presenting the numerous educational and career paths open to them if they chose to pursue science. The ASC will connect them to the resources and experts who can guide scientifically curious students as they contemplate their field of study. We hope that the ASC is the gateway for young women to discovering a lifetime of rewards in scientific inquiry.

We are fully committed to helping every woman realize her potential as a scientist. We firmly believe the ASC is the first step in encouraging women to pursue science in the future, and look forward to a rewarding, energetic and inspiring tournament each year.