Congratulations to our graduating seniors!  Thank you for all your hard work!

WiSE Member Degree Awarded WiSE Affilliation
Hoang, Michelle A.B. Biology, A.B. English (new) WISE Lead Coordinator
Maddali, Shivaali Sc.B. Biomedical Engineering WISE Lead Coordinator
Sim, Jea Yun Sc.B. Biology (Physiology/Biotechnology) WISE Lead Coordinator
Tai, Beverly Sc.B. Applied Mathematics - Computer Science WiSE Lead Coordinator
Blunt, Sarah Sc.B. Physics (Mathematical Physics) WISE MegaMentor
Block, Leanne Sc.B. Engineering (Mechanical) WISE MegaMentor
Juvonen, Miina A.B. Applied Mathematics - Economics (Advanced Economics) WISE MegaMentor
Mori, Meg A.B. Health and Human Biology WISE MegaMentor
Quinn, Mara A.B. Health and Human Biology WISE MegaMentor
Sabetta, Dina Sc.B. Neuroscience WISE MegaMentor
Addonizio, Kathryn Sc.B. Biology (Physiology/Biotechnology) WISE Mentor
Ballakur, Sarita A.B. Computer Science WISE Mentor
Chou-Freed, Cambria Sc.B. Biology (Neurobiology) WISE Mentor
Cosby, Elizabeth Sc.B. Neuroscience WISE Mentor
Kantor, Alena Sc.B. Biology (Neurobiology) WISE Mentor
Master, Sarah Sc.B. Cognitive Neuroscience WISE Mentor
Poore, Casey Sc.B. Biology (Neurobiology) WISE Mentor
Seo, Da Hee Sc.B. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology WISE Mentor
Smith, Kelsey Sc.B. Neuroscience WISE Mentor
Spear, Samantha A.B. Biology WISE Mentor
Tennis, Jessica Sc.B. Physics (Astrophysics), A.B. Chemistry WISE Mentor
Thomas, Ashlee Sc.B. Neuroscience WISE Mentor
Wirth, Chelsea Sc.B. Engineering (Mechanical) WISE Mentor
Zajac, Amanda Sc.B. Applied Mathematics - Biology WISE Mentor