Mentoring Program

The WiSE mentoring program helps first and second year women interested in the sciences navigate through the maze of choices that Brown offers.  Incoming women are paired with an upper class mentor who can share a unique student perspective.

What is a WiSE Mentor?

Mentors are a resource within an entire network of resources and help mentees develop the power, skills, knowledge and experience of women in science as individuals and in groups, enabling them to undertake initiatives of their own. 

Offering a students' perspective of Brown, a WiSE mentor teaches her mentee about past experiences at Brown, both good and bad.  Mentors teach mentees about research opportunities, how to approach/work with professors, and how to find resources Brown provides, such as drop-in sessions and tutors, advising, and events.

Interested in being a mentor?

WiSE is always looking for rising sophomore, junior and senior Brown women with knowledge of math, science and engineering to be mentors for first year students. Please apply online using our mentor application.

Are you thinking about getting a mentor?

Upper-class mentors can help you navigate through the maze of choosing courses, finding the right concentration, getting help, declaring your concentration and much much more. WiSE holds many events throughout the academic year that help advise and encourage all Brown undergraduates in the sciences. Each year starts with the Mentor/Mentee Dessert Social, providing incoming students a stress free environment for meeting other women on campus. 

WiSE is now accepting mentee applications for the 2014-2015 academic year! Apply here!