Hiring and Timeline: All Graduate Associates are hired to begin work at the start of the fall semester. Applications are solicited via Morning Mail and then reviewed by the Associate Director. Strong applicants are then invited to interview with the Associate Director and an experienced Graduate Associate. All new hires must commit to attending an orientation and to observing experienced Associates before beginning their own work in the Center.

Job Description: Graduate Associates work one-on-one with writers during 60-minute pre-scheduled appointments in the Writing Center on the 5th floor of the SciLi, Sunday-Thursday, 3:00-9:00pm. Associates come from all disciplines. As an Associate, you can expect to work with writers across the curriculum. Writers who request consultations may be undergraduates, graduates, post-docs, staff, or faculty members who arrive at the Writing Center seeking support for any aspect of the writing process you can possibly imagine.  Successful Associates are flexible; writer-centered—committed to employing a liberatory, non-hierarchical pedagogy of writing; familiar with foundational writing theory and evidence-based practices for teaching and learning writing (our training and professional development work will facilitate this expertise); and consider themselves part of a community of writers on campus who are drawn to work in service of nurturing a culture of writing at Brown University.

Time Commitment:

  • Training: Before beginning work, all new Associates must commit to attending a fall orientation and participating in observations and mentoring with experienced Associates (around 15 hours of paid training).
  • Tutoring: At minimum, new Associates must commit to working one shift per week (all shifts are 3 hours). It is recommended that new Associates start at one shift per week. Experienced Associates can work up to three shifts per week.
  • Ongoing Professional Development: At minimum, all Associates must commit to attending monthly meetings (1 hour of paid professional development + lunch), a fall special topics development module (5 hours of paid professional development), and a spring retreat (5 hours of paid professional development).

Compensation: Graduate Associates are paid $17.00/hour.

Application Checklist:

  1. Application
  2. CV
  3. Writing Sample (scholarly article or seminar paper)

Please email all materials as PDFs to the Associate Director of the Writing Center and Writing Support Programs:
Dr. Stacy Kastner

[email protected]

Room 506 in the SciLi