Application Process

     Please check back in March 2016.


Brown's Writing Fellows Program is now inviting applications! If you enjoy the process of writing and wish to help others learn to write better, you may wish to apply for this innovative and nationally prominent program.

Every year, Writing Fellows are chosen from applicants in the current freshman, sophomore and junior classes. These students are trained to provide individualized writing instruction as peer tutors in courses across the Brown curriculum where their services have been requested. In this way, the Program allows students who write well to share their skills with fellow undergraduates by serving as writing specialists. In addition, a small group of Writing Fellows receives supplementary training in rhetoric that enables them to assist students with both speaking and writing skills in courses that require oral presentations.

Writing Fellows evaluate first drafts of course papers for approximately 10 - 15 students each semester and meet subsequently in conference to discuss the papers' strengths and weaknesses, offering constructive suggestions for revision. All new Fellows enroll in English 1110 (Seminar in the Teaching of Writing) during their first semester as Fellows. Writing Fellows receive a stipend for their work.

The application process requires you to submit two samples of your writing that demonstrate both lucidity and diversity.

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