ENGL 1100 Syllabus

English 1110: On Writing

Office: JW Wilson 203 A

Fall 2015 - Course Description

This course will give us the chance to explore a range of issues related to writing. Readings from composition theory will be paired with a variety of literary models that sometimes embody the principles under discussion and other times complicate them. Throughout the semester we will comment on sample papers so that we may apply practically the principles we are learning theoretically. Additionally, we will write three essays (5-7 pages) and a final essay (10-12 pages), which will give us the chance to explore course concerns in our own writing. All essays must engage critically with at least three sources while seeking to explore a question relevant to the topics of that sequence. You will have the freedom to explore the questions of your choosing, and you will be expected to write like writers, mindful of your obligations to yourself and your readers. We will conference with each other for every paper, thereby gaining experience in peer tutoring and also enacting the very premise of the program -- becoming better writers through the help of an informed peer. Responsibility for introducing readings will rotate among the class. At the end of the semester, each of us will make a 20-minute presentation based on our final essay.

Grading is mandatory S/NC. Attendance at every class is required. More than two unexcused absences, and/or more than three unexcused late assignments, will result in no credit for the course.