ENGL 1190M

English 1190M - The Teaching and Practice of Writing: Writing Fellows Program

The Writing Fellows Seminar is offered every fall. All Writing Fellows are required to complete the course during their first semester as a Writing Fellow. 

The Writing Center, 5th floor, Sci Li.

Fall 2016 Course Outline: 

During the first few class meetings, we will interact with readings that help to establish the pedagogical backbone of the Writing Fellows program. The remainder of the beginning portion of the course will function like a practicum in order to prepare you for your work as Fellows—readings and assignments will be focused on cultivating methods of written and verbal response; cultivating a rich understanding of writing across the disciplines; and cultivating methods to work with different kinds of writing and writers across the human spectrum.

As we move deeper into the course, we will address special topics related to diversity and inclusion, paying particularly close attention to tensions within the debate revolving around literacy crises and “standard English.” We will close the course where we began: (re)considering what it means to be a Brown Writing Fellow.

Through your writing for the course, you will help to shape and define the Fellows program and its legacy. You will leave the course with knowledge, experience, and theories-in-the-making for how to communicate with and mentor others pursuing the (sometimes frustrating and intimidating) adventure of making meaning on the page/screen.

At the end of the course, Writing Fellows will have: 

  • Developed a reflective sense of self as both writers and Writing Fellows that are grounded in an appreciation of writing as a complex socio-historic and non-linear process—as more than inscription on the page. 
  • Gained an understanding of and practice with a variety of writing response strategies in asynchronous and synchronous contexts
  • Learned to use effective and thoughtful strategies with people who have different backgrounds, learning styles, and proficiencies.   

Grading is mandatory S/NC. Attendance at every class is required. More than two unexcused absences, and/or more than three unexcused late assignments, will result in no credit for the course.