Chuck Royce

Unique and Bold!

The Royce Fellowship represents the creativity, scholarship and leadership that are hallmarks of Brown. It is a true reflection of its founder, Chuck Royce, whose dedication and affection for Brown continues to inspire. 

Brown University has a proud history of supporting undergraduate research, but what truly distinguishes the Royce Fellowship is its emphasis on community and dialogue. This is a great credit to Chuck Royce, who understands that good scholars should feel compelled to articulate the public value of their work to a broad range of people. Universities are places of deep and resourceful thinking, and their knowledge should be accessible to those beyond the university gates. We are very proud of the contributions that Royce Fellows have made to the University and to the world and look forward to new generations of Royce Fellows.

Charles Royce is a 1961 graduate of Brown University and the parent of two Brown graduates. Mr. Royce, president of Royce Funds, has served as a University trustee since 1989 and is an active member of several committees, including CAFA, the Committee on Admission and Financial Aid.

"The research I began as a Royce Fellow has turned into my life's work. Thank you for putting me on a path to something that I love doing, where I wake up happy to go to work every morning. Thank you for the 34 distinct countries that I have been able to visit and the dozens of languages I have researched in these places. Thank you for the other Royce fellows who remain some of my closest friends no matter where we live in the world." 
Elizabeth Allyn Smith, Professor of Linguistics, University of Toronto