Community Corps Partners and Student Groups

Community Corps Student Groups

Community Corps Students Groups are student-led and are part of Community Corps, a program run by the Swearer Center at Brown University. Every student group is partnered with a community organization.

  • Brown Elementary Afterschool Mentoring (BEAM)
    BEAM is partnered with One Neighborhood Builders and the William D’Abate Community School, an elementary school in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, to provide after-school enrichment programming to K-5 students. Nearly 100 volunteers create and implement unique lesson plans each week to teach a variety of subjects to K-5 students.
  • Brown SAT Prep
    Brown SAT Prep is partnered with Annenberg Institute for School Reform. Together they match Brown student tutors to a Providence resident for SAT support after school and in-classroom settings.
  • Connect For Health
    Connect for Health is partnered with the Lifespan Community Health Institute, an organization operating award-winning Rhode Island hospitals and providing health services at dozens of locations throughout the state. Students involved in Connect for Health integrate basic resources into healthcare delivery. Through the Desk Advocate role, students work at Hasbro Children's Hospital to connect low-income families to resources vital to their health, such as utilities assistance, public benefits, furniture, and food. We are a social justice group fighting for health equity! Each week, advocates spend 2.5 hours in the clinic, follow up regularly with clients, and attend advocate development meetings.
  • English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
    ESOL is partnered with the Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative (RIFLI) and works to address the marginalizing effects of language barriers by providing English language and literacy classes to adult immigrants in the Providence community. Members in ESOL teach and facilitate English classes at William D’Abate Elementary School in the Olneyville neighborhood or at the MET School in the South-side of Providence.
  • Free Learning In Place (FLIP)
    FLIP‘s goal is to provide relief and raise awareness for educational inequalities in the Providence community. As Brown students, we must recognize the tremendous privilege we have and as many of us have grown up in the area, attended school here, and are volunteering at local Providence schools, we have realized the necessity of a free online tutoring program that connects local public school students directly with a matched college student tutor. 
    For the past two years, COVID-19 has continued to increase educational inequality in Providence and we believe that high quality online learning and mentorship are steps in the right direction. The pandemic showed us the effectiveness and accessibility of online learning and we want to bring that to students while keeping both tutors and students safe. This semester, we intend on implementing a hybrid online learning model in which tutors will enter schools to tutor once a week and tutor remotely with the same student once a week. We are excited to support these kids and we want you to join the FLIP fam
  • Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE)
    HOPE is partnered with House of Hope CDC, a local nonprofit dedicated to ending the personal and social trauma of homelessness, as well as a broader network of local advocacy organizations and direct service providers. Students can engage with HOPE through many avenues, including: Nighttime Outreach–offered 6 days/week across 4 locations in Providence and Pawtucket; Housing Assistance Collaborative–offered 6 days/week across 5+ locations; City Meal Sites–offered 4 days/week across 4 locations; Political Advocacy; and the Street Sights Newspaper.
  • Outdoor Leadership Environmental Education Program (OLEEP)
    OLEEP is partnered with the Metropolitan Regional Career and Technical Center (the MET), an organization empowering its students to take charge of their learning, to become responsible citizens and life-long learners. OLEEP works with MET high school students to develop leadership skills and environmental science and justice knowledge, with a specific emphasis on building a supportive, collaborative community where Brown and Met students can learn and grow together. OLEEP’s programming integrates workshops on environmental science and justice and aims to make programming creative, engaging, and relevant to Rhode Island.
  • Partnership for Adult Learning (PAL)
    PAL is partnered with Perspectives Corporation, a local community organization that provides services and support to children, youth, and adults throughout the state of Rhode Island, with the goal of helping people with disabilities participate in and contribute to community life. PAL’s mission is to provide an opportunity for mutual growth through personal relationships that are formed around the shared pursuit of continuing education.
  • Self Expression for Adults with Developmental Disabilities (SEADD)
    SEADD is partnered with the Arc of Blackstone Valley, an organization building community connections every day to ensure that individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities have the tools to achieve in the workplace, at home, and in their neighborhood.  Through SEADD’s weekly workshops, learners create meaningful art that fosters fulfilling relationships and brings together diverse communities. Students involved in SEADD work to create anything from abstract art to elaborate plays with their learners–the point is the expression.
  • Swearer Classroom Program (SCP)
    SCP is partnered with One Neighborhood Builders and the William D’Abate Community School, an elementary school in the Olneyville neighborhood of Providence, to provide after-school enrichment programming to K-5 students. The Swearer Classroom Program strives to improve specifically literacy and math skills in these elementary school children. Members of SCP engage at least once a week, in small groups or individually, with children who are struggling with the curriculum. Our members act as adult mentors to the children, giving them a positive role model and a person at their school who cares about them.
  • Swearer Tutoring Enrichment in Math and Science
    STEMS In School is partnered with Annenberg Institute for School Reform. STEMS is a math and science tutoring program based out of Hope High School down the street from Brown. Our goal is to help Hope students succeed by providing them with academic support and college mentors while giving Brown students a chance to practice tutoring skills, learn about the Providence public school system, build strong relationships with Hope students and teachers, and meet like-minded peers who are passionate about service, math, science, and education. We offer tutors in a variety of subjects (Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, Geometry, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics​. We focus not just on the tutoring, but the student-tutor relationship!
  • Sexual Health Advocacy through Peer Education (SHAPE)
    SHAPE is partnered with Planned Parenthood of Southern New England (PPSNE), an organization delivering vital reproductive health care, sex education, and information to millions of people worldwide. SHAPE strives to create an environment in which high school students can engage in accurate, authentic, and honest conversations about sexuality and sexual health. SHAPE members facilitate workshops where students can learn about and discuss topics related to sexual health and sexuality in an open setting.

Community Corps Partner Organizations

  • Inspiring Minds
    Inspiring Minds’ mission is to create successful students by providing them with the appropriate academic and social supports. We support Providence Public Schools by connecting trained volunteers to struggling students to develop close connections through which young people discover who they are, gain skills to shape their own lives and learn how to interact and contribute to the world around them. The In-School Tutoring and Mentoring program connects well-trained volunteers to struggling students in grades Pre-K through 5.
  • Times 2 STEM Academy
    TIMES² ("Times Squared") STEM Academy is a K-12 accredited charter public school committed to improving mathematics, engineering, and science studies for urban youth in Providence. Times² STEM Academy prepares America’s next scientists, engineers, and leaders by providing a rigorous academic program aligned with the state's requirements.