Faculty Fellows Program

The Swearer Center piloted a Faculty Fellowship program (from 2018-2021) with support from the Davis Educational Foundation. In 2018-19 and 2019-20, Faculty Fellows contributed to the academic rigor, quality, and leadership of specific Swearer Center programs, including the Royce Fellowship, the Storytellers Fellowship, the Social Innovation Fellowship, and the Engaged Scholars Program, as well as the development of the CBLR Fellows Program and faculty learning communities. In 2020-21, Faculty Fellows developed and taught CBLR-designated courses and contributed towards the launch of the Engaged Scholarship Certificate. As the Swearer Center identifies and acts on new strategic priorities, we welcome inquiries from faculty at Brown who are interested in sabbaticals and/or leadership opportunities related to engaged scholarship.


Julie Plaut ([email protected]), Director of Engaged Scholarship at the Swearer Center, and Assistant Dean of the College.