Learning Communities

The Swearer Center’s cohort-based learning communities provide the opportunity for small groups of faculty and graduate students build and sustain intellectual community through discussion of key themes, best practices, and their own experiences and questions related to community-engaged teaching and research.


With support from the Davis Education Foundation, the Swearer Center is accepting applications from groups of faculty who wish to convene a semester- or year-long learning community of their own creation. See the Call for Participation for details.


To apply, complete the very short form at [application closed].

Swearer Center staff and collaborators will review applications and aim to include everyone interested. All applicants will be notified of decisions before the first meeting of the learning communities.



Julie Plaut, Assistant Dean of the College and Director, Engaged Scholarship, Swearer Center: [email protected].
jesús hernández, Assistant Director, Engaged Scholarship, Swearer Center: [email protected].