Partner With Community Corps Students

The Community Corps program of the Swearer Center facilitates community engagement with community-based organizations based in the greater Providence area and Rhode Island. The program provides partners the opportunity to engage with the more than 500 students who register for structured and supportive community engagement opportunities.


Community Corps partner organizations can attract engaged students for on-site service to address community issues, participate in regular reflective discussion sessions, and learn about the communities neighboring Brown University. 

Partners in the Community Corps program are placed with one or more Brown students to have at their service site for 2-4 hours per week. Community Corps partner organizations or student groups are determined by Swearer Center staff in collaboration with our community partners. Through community partner led trainings and opportunities students will develop the necessary competencies in order to successfully complete their responsibilities.


Any community nonprofit, municipality, or state government department is welcome to apply.

We ask current partner organizations if they would like to host Community Corps students in May. If they accept, we then add their opportunity to the application students see as of July 1.


If your organization would like to host Community Corps students, please reach out to your designated Program Manager. If you have not previously partnered with the Swearer Center and would like to learn more about partnering with Community Corps students, please contact the community partnership team: [email protected]