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Matthew Hartley

Professor of Education, Graduate School of Education, University of Pennsylvania

Matthew Hartley is Professor of Education at the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. His research and writing focus on academic governance, and he is especially interested in exploring how academic communities define their educational and civic missions. Dr. Hartley is currently engaged in research in Kazakhstan examining the shift of the governance system of this post-Soviet country and how efforts to promote institutional autonomy and a more open society are being enacted on campuses across that country. He has also been engaged in work with the Council of Europe in Strasburg, France, exploring partnerships between universities, schools and civil society organizations aimed at promoting Education for Democratic Citizenship. In 2011 he completed a Fulbright in Bratislava, Slovakia, in partnership with the Slovak Governance Institute examining the launch of community-based learning efforts at several universities. His book, "To Serve a Larger Purpose," co-edited with John Saltmarsh, examines the roles of universities in democratic societies. Dr. Hartley serves on the editorial boards of "Educational Research," the "Review of Higher Education," and the "Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement." He earned his master’s and doctorate from Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education.