• Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows

Alexis Takoushian, AY2020-21

Name: Alexis Takoushian (she/her)

Where is home to you? West Chester, PA

Placement Site: The Swearer Center at Brown University

Education: B.A. Political Science and Spanish, The University of Pittsburgh

Biography: Alexis serves as the Community Partnership VISTA within the Swearer Center for Public Service at Brown University. Throughout her term, she aims to strengthen the impact of Swearer Center community partnerships through research and assessment, system integration, and capacity building. Alexis graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in April 2020 with majors in Political Science and Spanish, a minor in Portuguese, and a Certificate in Latin American Studies. Her undergraduate work explored the sociological analysis of political phenomena, including topics such as political identification, social movements, and human security. Alexis intends to continue exploring the roles of reciprocity and community agency as they relate to community development and sustainable social change after her VISTA service.

Why I Serve: When I graduated from college, I saw how many individuals and organizations across the country were struggling to endure inequalities exacerbated by the ongoing pandemic. I serve as an AmeriCorps VISTA to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits, schools, and government agencies that work to create a more safe and equitable society. 

Why Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship? I am inspired by the Swearer Center’s commitment to promote the flow of resources, knowledge, and discourse beyond the confines of an academic institution and into the greater community. I want to contribute to transforming the traditional approach to community engagement and higher education by embracing staff, students, faculty, partners, and community members as co-creators of social change.