• Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows
Kristine Pearson

Kristine Pearson, AY2019-20 & AY2020-21

Name: Kristine Pearson (she/her)

Where is home to you? Lenoir, North Carolina

Placement Site: Social Enterprise Greenhouse

Education: The Sawyer School

Biography: Kristine is a second-year AmeriCorps VISTA member serving with Social Enterprise Greenhouse. Kristine helps customize and implement technologies to track progress and growth in workforce development programs. She is also managing the Talent Matchmaking program, which connects social enterprises with talented interns across the country.

Why I Serve: I serve because I have experienced the brutality of poverty first hand. Food, decent housing, and a living wage should be rights, not privileges.

Why Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship? I’ve appreciated having access to Brown’s many resources, especially the Center for the Study of Slavery & Justice. The webinars that have addressed systemic racism and the American carceral system are very informative.