• Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows

Silas Murray AY2017-18

Hometown: Brentwood, New York

Education: B.A. Youth Development and Non-Profit studies, minor in Coaching, Rhode Island College

Biography: Silas Is a AmeriCorps VISTA member serving with Beat The Streets Providence. Prior to this role, he worked with Beat the Streets as a coach for 4 years. Now he is doing data management, connecting coaches, student athletes and school administration and visiting different middle schools sites to allow personal connections to each school as data is collected. Silas grew up In Brentwood, NY. He found himself in Rhode Island after attending Rhode Island College. Silas graduated in 2015 with a major in Youth Development and Non-Profit Studies. A lot of his growth, he attributes to the sport of wrestling. 

Why I Serve: I serve because I collect and analyze information. To show the hard work of the coaches,mentors and directors effect different groups of youth to find success. Coaches and mentors are on the front lines of the organization without them there would be no program. The kids continue to show up because of their presence these individuals are in their lives. My home town of Brentwood and Providence hold many similarities, for example low graduation rates, gang violence. The youth I serve face very similar challenges and hardships like myself, my friends and community I grew up in. Being a student athlete in middle school has many positive benefit. Wrestling gave me a sense of direction, kept me not only in school but made me a great student. Wrestling is a great program that allows students to make their own choices and find their own path in areas of their interest. Nothing better than getting a meal, getting homework done having fun with kids in school you don't get a chance to hangout with and WRESTLE!

Why Brown University AmeriCorps VISTA Fellowship? The program's goal is for these wrestlers to be great student athletes. I chose to serve at Brown University because it is a great, well know institution for education. One great thing, this university is trying to build its relationship to the surrounding communities in Providence. I believe Brown can be a great help to different Providence  communities. So my goal is to find connections to aid this process. The greatest goal for these individuals is to be college graduate. Brown is a great local university that our kids are able to partner with. Many different efforts allow me to. I'd love to make this relationship even greater!