• College Advising Corps

Catherine Hidalgo AY2017-18

Sheila C. Skip Nowell Leadership Academy

Catherine was born in Brooklyn, New York but moved to Rhode Island at the age of 2. She graduated from East Providence High School class of 2008. Coming from a single parent, low-income home, Catherine never knew that college would be in the cards for her. It was not until 2010 where she was encouraged to pursue a post-secondary education. With the guidance from her college adviser, Catherine graduated from Community College of Rhode Island earning an Associate’s Degree in general studies in 2015 and immediately transferred to Rhode Island College. She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology in 2017. Catherine understands the struggle of being a first-generation college student and is extremely passionate about being a part of the College Advising Corps and paying it forward to her students at Nowell Leadership Academy.