• College Advising Corps

Lloyd Schramm AY2017-18

Central High School

Lloyd Schramm is originally from Norwich, Connecticut. He graduated from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and Sociology. Lloyd had a passion for social justice all throughout high school and university. He took up many different leadership positions while at Clark, serving as musical director for an a cappella group and an orientation leader. After spending a year in France teaching English, Lloyd decided to move from in front of the whiteboard and into student and youth development. With the College Advising Corps, Lloyd hopes to give students a fair chance in the college application process and in life. Realizing the incredible transformative effect of college and the importance of social equity in our country, Lloyd is very happy to do this important work. He wants to use his own experiences in life and from college to help students find a better, more equitable path through life.