• Bonner Community Fellowship


Music Cognition

Award Year 


Hometown: Longmeadow, MA

Community Partner Site: Partnership for Adult Learning

I am an undergraduate senior with an interest in the intersection of interdisciplinary methodology in the field of clinical medicine. My academic interests consist of neurobiology and cognitive science, and I also have a passion for music as an oboist in the Brown University Orchestra, the Brown University Chamber Program and pit orchestras in theater productions on campus. Aside from being a Bonner Fellow, I am also an independent concentrations co-coordinator at the Curricular Resource Center at Brown, where I advise students who are interested in pursuing a unique and personalized field of study. 

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? Engaging in the Bonner Fellowship Program has strengthened my education and academic goals by connecting what I learn in the classroom to the community and real-life situations. It has been a rewarding experience to use my passion and love for community outreach to help others and give back to Providence, a city that has become my second home and a place that has already given so much to me for the past four years. My experience as a Bonner Fellow has also honed my leadership skills as I am a site-leader of the PAL program, qualities that I will carry with me as I pursue the next steps of my educational and career paths.