• Bonner Community Fellowship



Award Year 


Hometown: San Jose, CA

Community Partner Site: Connect for Health

Hi! My name is Harrison and I am from the Class of 2020. I'm a pre-med student who loves to play basketball, listen to music, eat good food and watch a bunch of shows! My favorite artist is Frank Ocean. My favorite restaurant on Thayer is DenDen KFC. My favorite food on campus is the Vdub Burrito Bowl. My favorite TV series is Friends. My favorite anime show is probably Hunter x Hunter. I don't have a favorite basketball team, but I keep up with the league. 

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? I've been able to create a large professional and peer network because of Bonner. Through Bonner, I've learned so much about what community means and how I can apply it to my Providence community as a partner. In Bonner, I find many individuals that I trust and care about. Overall, Bonner has made a significant contribution of who I am at Brown.