• Bonner Community Fellowship


Neuroscience Pre-Med

Award Year 


Hometown: York, Pennslyvania

Community Partner Site: Rhode Island Public Health Institute

First-generation, bilingual student with extensive experience interpreting Vietnamese and English for all social functions, primarily for medical purposes. Strong academic focus on Pre-Medicine with plans to obtain Sc.B and M.D.-Ph. D. degrees in Neuroscience. YouTube Personality. Varsity Cheerleader. Brown University Student Ambassador. Brown University Delta Gamma founding member. 

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? Bonner has provided me a valuable avenue to engage with community members across all walks of life and encouraged me to explore ever-present concerns of public health with a self-curated social and interactive method of data collection. My time at Brown has been busy beyond belief, but it has made my social impact and involvement all the more worthwhile.