• Bonner Community Fellowship


Health and Human Biology and Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Award Year 


Hometown: New Rochelle, New York

Community Partnership Site: Rhode Island Family Literacy Initiative 

Hi everyone! My name is Melanie Anaya from New Rochelle, New York where I was born and raised. Some facts about me are I can play the flute and I am a huge fan of soccer since I started playing when I was a toddler with my Dad. I know a lot about figure skating for some reason even though the first time I went ice skating was February 2018. My fondest childhood memories include spending time with my grandpa and horseback riding in the mountains. In the future, I want to become a doctor and hopefully return to my parent's hometown to open a clinic there. I hope that I can do a lot of fulfilling and useful work here at Brown in the meantime!

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? Bonner has allowed me to make meaningful connections with people outside of the Class of 2021 and I have become closer to many people I knew before through this program. Going to my site is something I look forward to every week because I get to help teach people who might not necessarily have the resources to learn English as adults or prepare for the citizenship exam elsewhere. Bonner has definitely opened many doors to create the best experience possible here at Brown.