• Bonner Community Fellowship


Gender and Sexuality Studies and Hispanic Studies

Award Year 


Hometown: Bogotá, Colombia

Community Partner Site: English For Action

Hi! I'm Sara and when I see a dog I smile wider than the Grand Canyon! I really love drawing and photography, reading, intersectional feminism, taking walks, going to the cinema with my friends, drinking tea and sleeping. I am passionate about social justice and want to dedicate my life to nonprofit work and community engagement. 

How has Bonner impacted your time at Brown? Bonner has opened my eyes and mind about how we can use our passion and privilege to break through the "Brown bubble" and go out into Providence to interact with and help the community we are living in. It has expanded my horizons within Brown, allowing me to meet incredibly talented, driven, beautiful and kind people whom I love, but also those I might never get to meet without the commitment and initiative that Bonner incurs.