• Bonner Community Fellowship
Ashlyn Lovato


Ethnic Studies

Award Year 


Where is home to you? Santa Clara Pueblo, NM

Ashlyn Lovato is from Santa Clara Pueblo, New Mexico and is currently working towards her Bachelors of Arts in Linguistic Anthropology with a focus on unwritten Indigenous languages and cultural knowledge systems. She is also obtaining a Masters of Arts in American Studies during her last year at Brown. In addition to being a Bonner Community Fellow, Ashlyn is also a Royce Fellow through the Swearer Center. Her Royce project was centered around the corn field and the Indigenous knowledge that lives in Tewa land, to better preserve the Tewa language and cultural practices for future generations. This is her third year working as the Native Heritage Series Co-Coordinator through the Brown Center for Students of Color, which hosts the Annual Spring Thaw Powwow every year in addition to events that highlight Indigenous visibility and representation. Outside of the classroom, Ashlyn enjoys nature walks, meditation, discovering new music, and trying new tea flavors.