• Brown in Washington
Elaina Kim


Fall '19, East Asian Studies / International Studies

Award Year 

Committee for Human Rights in North Korea

Elaina Kim is a rising junior at Brown University. She is concentrating in East Asian Studies with a focus on Korea, and intends to also concentrate in International Relations. As an immigrant from South Korea, Elaina has been interested in learning more about how historical relations affect current national identities and foreign policies. In particular, she hopes to delve deeper into understanding both Korea’s positions in current international affairs and the role of diplomacy in them. For these goals, Elaina has deepened her fluency in Korean through her involvement in her church’s translation team and her job as an interpreter for Brown Real Estate. In order to deepen her knowledge of current affairs in East Asia, she studied abroad last summer at Yonsei University, taking classes on Asia’s nuclear policy and political economy. In order to develop her career interests in diplomacy and law, Elaina worked on interpersonal communication through her role as a Meiklejohn Peer Adviser, and during her time with Immigration Counseling Services and Girl Scout college preparation projects. Elaina enjoys reading novels and baking with friends.