Challenge Change Action

Challenge Change Action students spend a semester exploring a social challenge of their choice through a series of workshops facilitated by the Swearer Center. The workshops aim to help students understand the challenge from multiple perspectives, analyze current approaches to changing it and make a plan to learn more, innovate, or otherwise act upon it. Swearer Center funding is available for participants who wish to continue exploring the challenge after the program wraps.

"What I loved most about the workshops was the people -- I felt like I was a part of a small community or group of friends who got together every week to discuss and work on social issues we cared about. I learned so much from everyone in the program, had a lot of fun during our discussions and exercises, and left the program with much clearer ideas and plans about how I can keep working on my social challenge moving forward."

Eojin Choi '19
Spring 2017 Challenge Change Action Participant


During Challenge Change Action, students meet weekly for workshops that provide frameworks for understanding social challenges, opportunities for reflection and community building. 

Workshops One through Five focus on understanding the social challenge from a range of perspectives, exploring both how the challenge is experienced by individuals as well as the structural and systemic causes underlying the challenge. Workshops Six through Eight explore how existing organizations address the challenge and work toward change. And Workshops Nine and Ten provide space for students to develop their own action plans to get involved with the challenge further.

Workshops will be 90 minutes once per week. Students will indicate their availability for specific workshop times when they apply.


All Brown & RISD students are eligible to apply. 


Applications are closed for the Fall 2017 semester. 


Lizzie Pollock, Associate Director of Student Development, or (401) 863-5457.