Community Corps & Off-Campus Federal Work-Study

The Community Corps program supports long-term reciprocal relationships between on- and off-campus community members through indirect and direct engagement and learning opportunities, such as participating in educational enrichment activities, advocating for just policies, or assisting community partners with research projects. In addition to collaborating with community partner organizations to advance their goals, Community Corps students participate in a workshop series facilitated by Swearer Center staff and community partners. The Community Corps experience offers students a structured way to develop their understanding of the important issues in the greater Providence region and develop the skills to effectively partner with local organizations working to create meaningful change.

Strong, long-term relationships between the Swearer Center, Brown University students, and community partner organizations are an essential component of this program. Eligible Brown University undergraduate students may access Off-Campus Federal Work-Study funding through select Community Corps placements.

Community Corps engagement opportunities for the Academic Year 2021-2022 are now closed. Please check back in the fall for AY 22-23 listings.

-- Summer '22 Community Corps Information --



Community Corps students build on their skills, knowledge, and experience as they address issues of social injustice and inequality through various forms of community engagement. Students learn first-hand about the assets and strengths of the Providence community while contributing to the programmatic capacity of our partners. Through the Swearer Center's co-curricular workshop series, students in Community Corps join a network of students devoted to exploring the connections between community work, active citizenship, social justice, and academic learning. To learn more about Community Corps, check out our Community Corps handbook and visit the FAQ section below.

The Basics:

2 Pathways

There are two main pathways into the Community Corps program: through a student-led organization with an established community partnership, or through an individual engagement application to a community partner. Both of these pathways begin with an application on BrownEngage, which you can explore here by using your BrownID log-in.

1+ Years

The duration of time Community Corps members are encouraged to remain engaged with their community partner.

2-3 Hours Logged on BrownEngage

The amount of time Community Corps members are expected to engage with their community partner each week. Students in the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS) program are encouraged to engage more than the suggested 2-3 hours a week to earn their maximum award amount. Students in the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study program should not exceed 10 hours per week.

Community Corp members are required to log hours on BrownEngage. Members in the OCFWS are required to log hours on Workday.

1 Orientation

All Community Corps students must attend one Orientation to Community Engagement workshop. This workshop is only required to complete once.

2 Co-Curricular Workshops

All Community Corps students must attend at least two workshops per semester through the Co-Curricular workshop series. These are posted in BrownEngage, and listed under events.

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Option for Eligible Students

Community Corps participants who have OCFWS eligibility may apply for this funding if their engagement opportunity is listed as eligible on BrownEngage at the time of applying. More information on OCFWS can be found below.

Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS)

Eligible Brown University undergraduate students may access their federal work-study funding through select Community Corps placements. Students participating in Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS) are considered part of the Community Corps and have access to support within the Swearer Center, including advising, mentoring and workshop opportunities. Through this program, eligible students can earn up to a possible $2,000 in gross wages during the academic year. The total amount of the award depends on a student's award package. Student earnings are paid by the University via federal work-study funding. The Swearer Center partners with the Office of Financial Aid to administer this program. To learn more about the OCFWS program see the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study sections in the Community Corps handbook

OCFWS Eligibility

In order to be paid for their work, Community Corps (CC) students interested in OCFWS must have a Federal Work-Study award included in their financial aid award for the qualifying academic year. Before applying for OCFWS, be sure to check your award to ensure that you are eligible.  Students with a “Campus Employment” award are not eligible to participate. Click here for instructions on how to check your eligibility for Off-Campus Federal Work-Study.

If you have further questions about your eligibility, please contact Financial Aid at [email protected].

OCFWS Requirements

Eligible CC students interested in OCFWS:

  • must be participating in one of the qualifying CC partner organizations or CC groups.

  • must be enrolled in Brown University for the qualifying semester. CC students taking a leave of absence during the spring or fall semester are not eligible to participate for the semester they are on leave.

  • are required to log hours into Workday (instead of BrownEngage) in order to receive payment for completed hours.

  • are not able to use more than one CC placement for employment.

  • cannot combine this award with a LINK or SEW award. (This applies when a student is participating in the Summer OCFWS program).


All Brown University students are eligible to apply. Community Corps enrollment begins in the fall semester and continues through the spring semester. Most Community Corps groups and partner organizations complete enrollment within the first few months of the fall and spring semesters.


To join the Community Corps program students should apply to one of the available community engagement opportunities for either the fall or spring semester. Interested students are directed to review our list of available opportunities and apply via the Community Corps Opportunities List.

Students interested in applying for Off-Campus Federal Work-Study (OCFWS) are directed to apply via the Off-Campus Federal Work-Study Application. In order to apply for OCFWS interested students need to first apply to a Community Corps community engagement opportunity. 


Sophia Pray, Program Manager, Student Development: [email protected] or 401-863-5699.