Engaged Scholars Program

The Engaged Scholars Program (ESP) enables students who are passionate about communities and the challenges they face to design courses of study and action as part of their concentration requirements. Through guided coursework, advising and hands-on experience working with community partners, students in ESP are able to contextualize abstract theories, challenge assumptions and develop skills that prepare them for lives of effective action. Students who complete the program receive an academic transcript designation as Engaged Scholars.


Engaged Scholars complete four requirements:

1. Engaged Courses
​2. ESP Practicum
3. ESP Seminar
4. ESP Capstone

Advising and mentoring is critical to the Engaged Scholars Program, from course selection to practicum development.  As a general rule, academic departments and programs provide advising through faculty advisors for course selection and capstone development.  ESP staff primarily advise on practicum development, and also provide ongoing advising about program requirements.

Student participation in the program is tracked by ESP staff and concentration advisors in ASK. We encourage ESP students to continually update their concentration course plan in ASK to include engaged courses.  Additionally, the ESP Canvas site, available to ESP students and viewable by advisors and ESP staff, provides more information about program requirements and is a platform for submitting program requirements, including practicum work plans and reflections.


Students who are declaring in participating concentrations sponsored by Engaged Scholar Departments are eligible to apply to ESP. 


Students apply to ESP when declaring their concentration in ASK, typically in the second semester of their sophomore year. ESP is selective and applications will be reviewed by departments and ESP staff in mid-April of the application year, soon after the concentration declaration deadline. Students will be contacted by ESP staff directly about their application status. See exact application deadline in ASK (deadline is aligned with concentration declaration deadline). If you miss the application deadline, there is a mid-year review of applications in December; see ASK for exact deadline.

While it is typical that students apply to the Engaged Scholars Program during sophomore year when declaring a concentration, you may revise your declaration to apply to the Engaged Scholars Program if you have enough remaining semesters at Brown to complete the program requirements. Please note that juniors whose applications are reviewed for the fall deadline will have only 3 semesters to complete program.

Questions? Contact engaged-scholars@brown.edu.


Jori Ketten, Associate Director of Academic Engagement, Jori_Ketten@brown.edu. Schedule office hours here

Lynsey Ford, Program Manager of Academic Engagement, lynsey_ford@brown.edu. Schedule office hours here

For more information, visit the FAQs or contact us at engaged-scholars@brown.edu.