Providence - Jerusalem Exchange Fellowship on Israel / Palestine

The Providence-Jerusalem Exchange Fellowship Program provided students from Brown University (Brown) and Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI) with a year-long program of study focused on Israeli-Palestinian relations. More broadly, the program investigated how different groups of people relate to land and place and how their self-understandings of land and place are reflected in art, culture, historical memory, community, and civic and political discourse.

Fellows in this cohort-based program were immersed in two different civic and social environments: Providence and Jerusalem. Through coursework, learning trips, social events, and community engagement activities, students were challenged to engage constructively with viewpoints other than their own and deepen their understandings of intercultural relations, civil society, and political possibility.


The Providence - Jerusalem Exchange Fellowship on Israel / Palestine is no longer offered by the Swearer Center. Visit our programs page to explore other opportunities for students.


Joaquin Romero, Program Manager, Academic Engagement: [email protected].