Social Good Mentoring Program

The Social Good Mentoring Program (SGMP) paired Brown students interested in social good careers with alumni mentors for a 12-month mentoring relationship. A collaboration between the Swearer Center and CareerLAB’s Careers in the Common Good initiative, this program demystified the process of pursuing opportunities in social good and helped students build professional connections in the social good community. Students were paired with alumni mentors with experience working in the issue areas, populations and/or modes of social change (government, non-profit, etc.) that interest them. 


The Social Good Mentoring Program is longer administered by the Swearer Center. Visit CareerLAB's website to find similar opportunities for mentorship, or visit the Swearer Center's programs page to explore other opportunities for students.


Jim Amspacher, Associate Director, Career Counseling, Careers in the Common Good, CareerLAB: [email protected]