Storytellers Fellowship

Building on the foundation developed by Storytellers for Good, the Storytellers Fellowship provides a space for students to learn about ethical and responsible community storytelling, to promote community engagement work happening at and around Brown, to engage with Swearer Center constituencies across multiple channels, to build on- and off-campus community, and to reflect on the cohort’s efforts in an clearly defined, intentional way.

meet the Storytellers Fellowship Cohorts

The Storytellers Fellowship provides space for students interested in storytelling to explore social justice narratives through creative mediums such as audio production and videography. Storytellers spend a calendar year honing their crafts through workshops and trainings, with mentorship from Swearer Center staff, and are stipended for their work.

The fellowship features specialists in the following areas:

  • Web management, user experience and design

  • Social media

  • Print and digital storytelling

  • Videography and photography as storytelling tools

  • Event planning

  • Graphic design


Brown students may participate in the Storytellers Fellowship from their sophomore to senior years. 


The Storytellers Fellowship is in the process of transitioning to an academic-year program and will accept applications for the 2018-19 academic year in September 2018. In the meantime, feel free to reach out to Emily Wright with any questions.


Emily Wright, Associate Director of Communications, or (401) 863-2311.