Winter Break Providence

During Winter Break Providence, approximately 25 Brown students explored and engaged with social justice issues in the Providence community as identified by Swearer Center community partners, such as homelessness, urban education, equitable health care, economic justice, incarceration, and environmental justice. 

Over an intensive two weeks, students joined teams of four or five, led by a student peer, and worked together with a community partner on a student-led team-based project. Students also met with policymakers, service providers, politicians, activists, and community members to better understand the context for these issues and the skills and commitment required to create meaningful social change. 

After the two-week-long program, students and community partners had the opportunity to continue with their project into the Spring semester. Students could also choose to continue engaging with the community through the Swearer Center Community Corps.


Winter Break Providence is no longer offered by the Swearer Center. Visit our programs page to explore other opportunities for students.