SAC Student Support Funding

The Swearer Center Student Advisory Committee provides funding to student groups through a student-managed support fund. The goal of this fund is to help student groups or individuals representing student groups, to close funding gaps and access projects, speakers, and other opportunities.

Application Information

  • The application is available to all Brown students through UFunds on a rolling basis.
  • All Brown University student organizations are welcome to apply, whether or not they are otherwise affiliated with the Swearer Center. If you are an individual looking for funding and you are not affiliated with a student group, please investigate e-gap funding on UFunds. 
  • For 2022, our selection will prioritize funding requests that have a community partner or those thematically related to voter registration, education, and turnout efforts. 
  • SAC Student Support Fund grants are not recurring - a new application is required for each funding request. 
  • Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and are reviewed monthly, so groups will learn whether they received the grant within 4 weeks of submitting their applications. If expedited processing is required, please submit an application and also contact Georgina Manok, Assistant Director for Research and Assessment at [email protected]

Application Requirements

  • Identify the student group applying and the destination of the funds (Individuals may receive funds only when representing a group).
  • Submit a budget and request $50-$500.
  • If the amount requested will only fund a portion of the budget, please describe how the remainder of the funding will be secured.
  • Submit a statement describing the project and how it aligns with the Swearer Center's core values.
  • Commit to submitting a follow-up report about the project once the funds have been used.