Student Awards

The Swearer Center recognizes our outstanding students with four commencement awards, which are presented at our annual graduation ceremony. For more information on these awards, view the corresponding nomination forms below.

Nominations for student awards typically open in late March and close in mid-April.

Undergraduate Awards

Engaged Scholarship Award (for Undergraduate Students)

The Engaged Scholarship Award recognizes a graduating senior who has made community engaged scholarship integral to their undergraduate experience. The award honors a student whose academic studies and supporting co-curricular and extra-curricular activities exemplify the idea of community engaged scholarship, understood as collaborative inquiry between university and community partners grounded in the values of reciprocity, mutual respect and the co-creation of knowledge and/or creative activities. [Note: This award is open to any graduating senior, not only to participants in Brown’s Engaged Scholars Program.] 

In 2019, the Engaged Scholarship Award (for Undergraduate Students) was presented to Maya Singh ‘19.

Community Engagement Award

Given to one graduating senior who has worked with a community partner for more than two years. This student will have built strong relationships with community members and practitioners, and has added significant capacity to the partner’s work, with an eye towards sustainability beyond their own role. 

In 2019, the Community Engagement Award was presented to Fahim Mahmud ‘19.

Swearer Leadership Award

Given to two graduating seniors who have helped the Swearer Center to expand its work, reach more students and/or improve our efforts to work with a diverse range of students, faculty and community members. These students will have developed strong relationships across the center, and respectfully challenged the staff of the Swearer Center to improve its relationships, practices, and systems in strategic and meaningful ways. 

In 2019, the Swearer Leadership Awards were presented to Anna Fireman ‘19 and Sam Reidt ‘19.

Graduate Awards

Engaged Scholarship Award (for Graduate Students)

The Engaged Scholarship Award recognizes a Brown graduate student (PhD, Masters, MD or other graduate programs) who has made community engaged scholarship integral their graduate experience. For more information, visit the Opportunities for Graduate Students page.