Summer Community Corps

This opportunity places students with nonprofit organizations or government departments in R.I. and supports them with a structured and supportive cohort that builds skills and competencies for community engagement over the summer.  Students participating in Off-Campus Federal Work Study (OCFWS) are considered part of the Community Corps and have access to support within the Swearer Center, including advising, mentoring and workshop opportunities. 


Through this program, eligible Brown University students can earn up to $2,700 in gross wages over the summer. Students access their work-study funding through full-time (up to a maximum of 40 hours per week) off-campus, community-based assignments, or jobs. The Swearer Center advises undergraduate students and places them with their qualifying community partners. Brown’s Office of Financial Aid determines student eligibility and earnings are paid by the University via their federal work-study funding. Students who do not qualify for funding can still participate in Summer Community Corps opportunities.

The summer OCFWS program begins on July 1 and ends on August 31. 

*Funds for this program are limited and are provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Enrollment into the program is also dependent on the student’s eligibility as well as their ability to receive and accept an offer from our qualifying community partner organizations.

Summer Off Campus Federal Work Study Requirements

  • Students interested in summer OCFWS must be employed by one of the participating community partner organizations.
  • Students interested in summer OCFWS must have a federal work-study award included in their financial aid award for the upcoming academic year.
  • Students interested in summer OCFWS must be enrolled in Brown University for the upcoming fall semester.
  • Students taking a leave of absence during the fall semester are not eligible to participate in summer OCFWS.
  • Students enrolled in the summer OCFWS program are required to attend all Swearer Center workshops offered over the summer for this program.
  • Students enrolled in summer OCFWS are required to log hours on Workday in order to receive payment for completed hours.
  • Students enrolled in summer OCFWS program are not able to exceed 40 hours per week. 
  • Students interested in summer OCFWS are not able to use more than one community partner organization for employment.
  • Students interested in summer OCFWS can not combine this award with a LINK or SEW award. 

Summer Community Corp opportunities are available. Opportunities will remain open now through May 31st. To access the list of Summer Community Corp opportunities click here

Updates on Summer 2021

  • Funding for Summer 2021 Community Corps is not eligible for first-year students.

Joshua Rodriguez, Program Manager, Student Development: [email protected] or 401-863-1825.