Swearer Center Staff Present Community Engagement Session at Professional Development Day

by Annie Williams, Communications and Events Coordinator
March 8, 2018

On Feb. 20, 2018, the Brown University Office of Institutional Equity and Diversity convened the third annual Professional Development Day with the theme Best Practices for Implementing Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Across Campus. 

Swearer Center Associate Director of Community Partnership Ashley Greene, Assistant Dean of the College, Engaged Co-Curriculum and Swearer Center Director of Student Development Betsy Shimberg and Assistant Director of Community Relations Katie Silberman presented a breakout session about community engagement at Brown. The panel focused on the findings and recommendations that came out of the evaluation of Brown’s community engagement plans outlined in the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan

Dean Shimberg shared with Brown staff members how students engage through the Swearer Center via workshops, facilitated by Center staff, which prepare more than 1,000 students to engage in “ways that are respectful, humble, effective and responsible.” The panel also shared how community agency and knowledge are at the forefront of equitable community engagement. “The power for determining how the University interacts with the community should be held by community members,” Shimberg said. 

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