Presidential Scholar Kaitlan Bui Selected to Speak at TEDx Brown University

Presidential Scholar Kaitlan Bui is a sophomore at Brown University studying English literature. Besides reading and writing (which she considers essentials), she is passionate about cross-cultural dialogue and language-learning.  Some things that make her happy include older people holding hands, time spent with family, and hand-written letters. She'll be touching on the latter in her talk titled "Vulnerability: Responding to The Unanswered Question."

Presidential Scholar Showcase Research at the Brown Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium

Anthony Walley '20 Presents his research at the Brown Undergraduate Summer Research Symposium.

Title: Octopamine’s Role in Alcohol-induced Activity Responses

Georgeara Castañeda, Selected for Prestigious Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Georgeara Castañeda, one of three sophomores is selected for the prestigious Mellon Mays Undergraduate Research Fellowship. She is a Religious Studies concentrator focusing on spiritual practices within Latin America and the Caribbean. More specifically, she hopes to examine narratives of religious, cultural, and ethnic mixture in Santeria, Cuba and Candomblé religious practices in Brazil. Her faculty mentor will be Professor Daniel Vaca. After her undergraduate studies, she hopes to pursue a PhD in Religious Studies with an emphasis on Latin America. 

Emily Oster, publishes ‘Cribsheet,’ A Guide to Help Parents Debunk Long-held Parenting Myths

Professor Emily Oster's new book ‘Cribsheet,’ uses data to debunk myths about some of the most divisive and controversial subjects in parenting, from breastfeeding to sleep training.

Cribsheet, was published on April 23, 2019, and is number 3 on Amazon and was featured on Good Morning America!