POSTPONED: COVID-19 Data Tutorial

Friday, May 29, 2020

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Now Friday, June 5!

Join us at 12 PM for a videoconference discussion of COVID-19 data.

We will also use a chat system called Babylon House for facilitating the discussion. You can go ahead and join that classroom here:

If you’d like a very short introduction to using Babylon House as a meeting participant, check out this video:

Last time, we explored publicly available data sets and discussed some of the challenges inherent in drawing inferences and making predictions. You can find information from that session (including a Jupyter notebook) here:

This time we’ll explore methods for estimating the crucially important quantity Rₜ (the average number of new infections generated by each infectious individual, at time t). The discussion will be accessible, introducing the data analysis tools we’ll use along the way.

Hosted by Samuel Watson, Director of Graduate Studies, Data Science Initiative.


Please sign up with the ‘Register Here’ link above to indicate that you are participating.