Helpful Links

Welcome to the Computational Biology Ph.D. program. Below are several links that you may find helpful as you begin your studies with us.

Graduate School Admitted Students Guide - This page has a lot of helpful information assembled by the Graduate School

Housing - Looking for information on living in Providence? This page can be helpful. 

Grad Student Council - This is the primary political and social body for Grad students. We have a very involved and vibrant community of graduate students here at Brown and you can find a wealth of helpful information here as well as the listservs to join for announcements and bulletin board postings specifically for the grad community.

Non-U.S. Citizen Ph.D. Student Research Funding Opportunities - a short list of funding opportunities that may be relevant to your field of research.

Graduate Student Research Funding Opportunities - short list of funding oppportunities that may be relevant to your field of research.

The Next Level - curated list of funding opportunities for grad students and postdocs (STEM-wide, but many life science opportunities).

Below you’ll find info and advice to help you as you settle in to the department.

How do I receive postal mail here?

Please have packages sent to your attention at:
Brown University CCMB
69 Brown St, Box 1903
Providence, RI  02912

Our internal mail address is Box 1903 which you can use if you are expecting something from another department at Brown.

Where do I pick up my mail?

If you receive mail that has been sent to the CCMB mailbox it will be left on the desk you choose in the CCMB grad student area.

I need to reserve a room—how do I do that?:

If you are looking to book one of the small conference rooms in the CCMB space at 164 Angell St they can be booked from the touch panels next to the rooms, or by emailing Nathaniel Gill ([email protected]) or Meg Lopes ([email protected]) from the Data Science Initiative that shares the floor. The large conference rooms can be booked from

Why are there card readers on the stairwell doors and some CCMB Rooms?:

The elevators and exit doors, including the stairwells, are locked between 5:30pm and 7:30am and all weekend long.  You can use your ID card to open the stairwell doors.  PLEASE DO NOT PROP THE DOORS OPEN.  Doing so causes a security risk to you and your building mates.  Security routinely sweeps the building to relock doors and to ask people who don’t belong to leave the building. 

Additionally the CCMB has swipe locks on some rooms to control the access. If you would like to have access or your card isn’t working, please contact Nathaniel Gill or [email protected] to troubleshoot your issue. 

What’s the deal with the coffee and tea?  Is it really free?:

CCMB & DSI students, staff and faculty are free to help themselves to the coffee and tea available in the kitchen on the floor. Please bring your own reusable mug or water bottle to cut down on waste. The espresso machine is rather advanced so please be sure to acquaint yourself with the directions posted on the wall in the kitchen and feel free to follow up with Nathaniel should you have any problems or questions about maintaining it. 

PLEASE KEEP THE KITCHEN CLEAN – Facilities does a fantastic job of cleaning our spaces however we don't want to abuse the privilege. 

I’m having trouble with my computer—how do I get help?

Send email to [email protected] and one of the members of the CIS staff will respond to you. 

And what about printing—what’s the deal?

There are both black/white and color printers in the CCMB and the building in general.  In general, we prefer the color printers are used only for things that truly need to be printed in color. Contact [email protected] to have Nathaniel assist you with setting up the printers.

Important contacts—some folks you’ll want to get to know.

Nathaniel Gill:  Nathaniel is the person who handles most faculty-grad interactions and concerns, in addition to things like office space, equipment needs, and information to add to the website, grant/fellowship information, etc. Nathaniel is the Manager of the Center and all its programs and can be reached at [email protected].

Director of Graduate Studies (DGS):Dan Weinreich and Erica Larschan are the faculty members who oversee the PhD program.  They can be reached at [email protected], and [email protected].

Director of Undergraduate Studies (DUS):Sorin Istrail is the faculty member who oversees the Sc.B. and A.B in Computational Biology programs and she can be reached at [email protected]

Director of the CCMB:Sohini Ramachandran is the Director of the CCMB overall as well as a professor in the Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department. She can be reached at [email protected] 

Resources from the Graduate School: