New Software helps detect adaptive genetic mutations

Researchers from Brown University have developed a new method for sifting through genomic data in search of genetic variants that have helped populations adapt to their environments. The technique, dubbed SWIF(r), could be helpful in piecing together the evolutionary history of people around the world, and in shedding light on the evolutionary roots of certain diseases and medical conditions.

(Distributed February 20, 2018)

Assay of nearly 5,000 mutations reveals roots of genetic splicing errors

It's not so hard anymore to find genetic variations in patients, said Brown University genomics expert William Fairbrother, but it remains difficult to understand whether and how those mutations undermine health.

In a new study in Nature Genetics, his research team used a new assay technology called "MaPSy" to sort through nearly 5,000 mutations and identify about 500 that led to errors in how cells processed genes. The system also showed precisely how and why the processing failed.

(Distributed April 19, 2017)

Congratulations Hsin-Ta!

Hsin-Ta Wu successfully defended his thesis on Tuesday, May 10th to become our second awarded Doctorate in the Computational Biology Ph.D. program. Hsin-Ta was the first student accepted into the program during our first year and we are proud to announce he is now Dr. Hsin-Ta Wu, Ph.D.  We wish you success in all your future endeavors. 


Computational Detection of Driver Mutations in Cancer Genomes

(Distributed May 11, 2016)

Sohini Ramchandran awarded Wriston Fellowship

 Manning Assistant ProfessorEcology & Evolutionary BiologyDirector of Undergraduate Studies, CCMB 

CCMB Professor Sohini Ramachandran has been awarded Brown’s Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship for 2016-2017; the fellowship is named for Brown’s 11th President, and is awarded each year to junior faculty members who have achieved a record of excellence in teaching and scholarship during their first years at Brown.

(Distributed May 4, 2016)
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