Brown Contemplative Studies Announces a Mind and Life Think Tank on "Establishing Contemplative Studies Programs: Practices, Priorities and Problems," September 21 - 24, 2017

        Announcing a Mind and Life
             Institute Think Tank

"Establishing Contemplative Studies Programs:  Practices, Priorities and Problems"

September 21-24, 2017 

Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

This workshop will bring together educators, programs leaders and administrators with experience in building Contemplative Studies undergraduate programs with a small group of academic applicants who are attempting to build such a program at their college or university.  The ultimate goals will be to provide hands-on advice and counsel that will help establish Contemplative Studies undergraduate programs on campuses throughout North America. Members of Brown University’s pioneering undergraduate concentration will offer their expertise as well.

Addressing a Need
If Contemplative Studies is to develop as an academic field and not remain largely confined to university research centers and the occasional conference –it is of paramount importance that we follow the trails blazed by Africana Studies during the late 1960’s, Women and Gender Studies during the 1970’s and 80’s and Ethnic Studies during the late ‘80’s and ‘90’s –by continuing to develop multidisciplinary programs –
especially undergraduate concentrations or majors-- throughout higher education, programs that train students in contemplative humanities, sciences, social sciences, and the arts. These will be what gives the field a distinctive shape, structure, and identity. Contemplative Studies programs must not only teach the cultural contexts out of which the practices we study have been derived -  we must also teach the political and social contexts within which these practice are currently embedded; and the ethical and moral questions that arise from this. This is absolutely essential if the contemplative practices are to have the kinds of beneficial influences in the larger society that many of us envision.

Topics to be Addressed During the Workshop
1)  Defining "Contemplative Studies" (COST)
2)  Multi-Epistemological Models:  Third-, Second-, First- and No Person Approaches
3)  What are the Basic Steps towards building COST programs?
4)  Curriculum Development:  Finding the Balance between Humanities and Sciences in COST Programs
5)  Standards and Cautions
6)  The Art of Contemplative Persuasion
7)  Suggestions for Programs that last

Contemplative Studies Field Leaders Attending:
Anne Klein, Professor of Religious Studies, Rice University
Louis Komjathy, University of San Diego, Theology and Religious Studies
Carolyn Jacobs, Dean Emerita, Smith College School of Social Work
Mirabai Bush, Director Emerita, Center for Contemplative Mind in Society
John Dunne, Professor of Contemplative Humanities, University of Wisconsin
David Germano, Director, Contemplative Sciences Program University of Virginia
Harold D. Roth, Director, Contemplative Studies Program, Brown University
Willoughby Britton, Assistant Professor, Psychiatry, Brown University
Eric Loucks, Associate Professor of Epidemiology, Brown University
Jared Lindahl, Visiting Assistant Professor, Contemplative Studies, Brown University
Jake Davis, Visiting Assistant Professor, Contemplative Studies, Brown University

Qualifications for Application to the Workshop
 Qualified applicants will be teaching at a 4 year accredited college or university and have taken at least preliminary steps towards establishing a program, preferably an undergraduate major/concentration, in Contemplative Studies.  

 To Apply, Please Submit:

  • A current Curriculum Vitae
  • An outline of a proposed program including existing teaching/research resources available and a plan for incorporating first person practice into the curriculum.  

 Please send application materials to

Applicants will be admitted on a rolling basis starting on July 15th, 2017 until all places are filled.
Successful applicants will have their rooms, breakfasts, lunches and a Welcome Dinner provided by Brown Contemplative Studies.  

For continuing updates on the workshop. please consult or contact