The Core

The Core (6 Courses)

This foundational course introduces students to identifying the methods human beings have found, across cultures and across time, to concentrate, broaden and deepen conscious awareness. 

COST 0100: An Introduction to Contemplative Studies

Two Introductory science courses addressing the biological, psychological, and neurological functioning of the human body/mind complex with health implications, and how contemplative practices affect it. 

One course chosen from List A:
BIOL 0200:  The Foundations of Living Systems
CLPS 0040 : Mind and Brain: Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience
CLPS 0200:  Human Cognition
CLPS 0500:  Perception and Mind
NEUR 0010:  The Brain: An Introduction to Neuroscience
(and others with approval)

One course chosen from List B:
COST 0200:  Meditation and the Brain (Britton, Lindahl)
COST 1020:  Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation (Lazar)
COST 1080/PHP 1880: Meditation, Mindfulness and Health (Loucks)

Two humanities courses that present important themes that can emerge from bringing a Contemplative Studies perspective to the study of contemplative religious traditions and to the philosophical analysis of the key questions of human existence.
ANTH 1240:  Religion and Culture (in India) (Singh)
CLAS 0990/COST 0990:  Concepts of the Self in Classical Indian Literature
CLAS 1120G:  Idea of Self
COST 0030/RELS 0030: Song, Sound, and Salvation in South Asia (Reddy)
COST 0032/RELS 0032:  Music and Mysticism (Reddy)
COST 0040/RELS 0040:  Great Contemplative Traditions of Asia (Roth)  
COST 0145/RELS 0145: Karma, Rebirth, and Liberation: Life and Death in South Asian Religions (Moore-Gerety)
COST 0207/RELS 0207: Saints and Mystics of India (Reddy)
COST 0410/RELS 0290E:  Engaged Buddhism (Roth)
COST 0420/RELS 500:  Buddhist Ethical Theory and Practice (Davis)
COST 0425: The History and Practice of Yoga in India and Beyond (Moore-Gerety)
COST 0450:  Stages of the Contemplative Path (Lindahl)
EDUC 1850:  Moral Development and Education
PHIL 0010:  The Place of Persons
PHIL 0220: Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 0250:  The Meaning of Life
PHIL/ COST 0650:  Psychology and Philosophy of Happiness
PHIL 1520/COST 1520: Consciousness (Hill)
PHIL 1770/COST 1770:  Philosophy of Mind (Hill)
RELS 0056:  Spiritual But Not Religious: American Spirituality Past+Present
RELS 0065:  On Being Human: Religious/Philosophical Conceptions of Self
RELS 1370B:  Philosophy of Mysticism
SCSO1550E:  Science and Religion (Poland)
SCSO1700Y:  Neuroethics (Poland)
(and others, with approval)

 COST 1950  (Concentrators’ Seminar) which enables concentrators to synthesize their knowledge of the field of Contemplative Studies and its current principal issues, and learn how to most effectively conduct research and writing on their Capstone Projects.