Core Faculty & Concentration Advisors

Contemplative Studies Core Faculty


Willoughby Britton, Psychiatry, Med School, School of Public Health
Ellen Flynn, BIOMED, Women’s Health Collaborative, Lifespan
Sara Lazar, Contemplative Studies, Harvard-Mass General
Monica Linden, Neuroscience
Eric Loucks, School of Public Health
Brad Marston, Physics
Elena Salmoirago-Blotcher, School of Public Health
Takeo Watanabe, CLPS
Tara White, Community Health and Behavioral and Social Sciences


Jake Davis, Contemplative Studies
Christopher Hill, Philosophy
Michael Kennedy, Sociology
Jin Li, Education
Jared Lindahl, Contemplative Studies, Religious Studies
Rose McDermott, Political Science
Finnian Moore-Gerety, Religious Studies, Contemplative Studies
Jason Protass, Religious Studies
Srinivas Reddy, Visiting Professor, COST
Harold Roth, Religious Studies, Director of Contemplative Studies
Bhrigupati Singh, Anthropology, Watson Institute


Michelle Bach-Coulibaly, TAPS
Carol DeBoer-Langworthy, English (Nonfiction Writing)
Erik Ehn, TAPS

 Program and Financial Coordinator:  Anne Heyrman-Hart  For all inquiries or to schedule an appointment with Professors Roth or Reddy please email [email protected]