The Humanities Track

Humanities Track

The Humanities Track explores the origin and development of contemplative practices within specific religious, cultural and historical contexts and gives students a foundation in the Philosophy of Mind relevant to the scientific study of contemplative practice.  Intermediate and Advanced courses should be taken in the these areas: Philosophy of Mind and Contemplative Religious Traditions.  In special cases, concentrations in the Contemplative Creative Arts may be possible within the Humanities Track.

Contemplative Religious Traditions
CLAS 0210Y:  Philosophy of Classical Indian Yoga
CLAS 0820:  The Epics of India
CLAS 0850/RELS 0925:  The Mythology of India
CLAS 0855:  The Bhagavad Gita (COST 0855)
CLAS 0995:  The Performing Arts in Classical South Asia
CLAS 1140:  The Classical Philosophy of India
CLAS 1145/RELS 1397A:  Goddesses and Women Gurus in South Asian Relgious Tradition
CLAS 1160:  Classics of Indian Literature
COST 036/RELS 036:  Love and War in India
COST 0140/RElS 0140:  Food, Religion and Politics in South Asia
COST 0425/RELS 0425:  The History and Practice of Yoga in India and Beyond
COST 0530/RELS 0530:  Laozi and the Daodejing
COST 0550/RELS0550:  Tibetan Buddhism and the West
COST 0570/RELS 0570:  Science, Religion and the Search for Happiness in Traditional Asian Thought
COST 0990/CLAS 0990:  Concepts of the Self in Classical Indian Literature
COST 1441/RELS 1441:  Zen Meditation in China, Korea, and Japan
COST 1442/RELS1442:  The History, Philosophy, and Practice of Rinzai Zen Buddhism
EAST 0180/RELS 0195:  Japan:  Nature, Ritual and the Arts
EAST 1420:  The Confucian Mind
EAST 1880D:  Early Daoist Syncretism
RELS0045:  Buddhism and Death
RELS 0082:  Japan's Floating World
RELS 0096:  Islamic Cosmologies
RELS 0100:  Buddhist Thought, Practice and Society
RELS 0120:  The Classical Chinese Philosophy of Life
RELS 0130:  The Hindu Tradition 
RELS 0190:  Japanese Religious Traditions
 RELS 0580:  Experiencing the Sacred:  Embodiment and Aesthetics in South Asian Religions
RELS 0911:   Indian Buddhism
RELS 1370B:  Philosophy of Mysticism
RELS 1405:  Buddhism in Chinese History
RELS 1425:  Buddhist Poetry
RELS 1440:  Themes in Japanese Buddhism
RELS 2300B:  Huai-nan Tzu
RELS 2705:  Sufism Seminar
SCSO1550E:  Science and Religion 
SCSO1700Y:  Neuroethics 
SOC1871S:   Knowledge  Networks and Global Transformation 
SOC1871Z:   Martial Arts, Culture and Society )
(and others, with approval)

The Philosophy of Mind

COST 0650/PHIL 0650:  Psychology and Philosophy of Happiness
COSt 1520/PHIL 1520:  Consciousness
COST 1770/PHIL 1770:  Philosophy of Mind 
PHIL 0350:  Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 0990L:  Moral Psychology
PHIL 0990M:  Descartes’ Meditations
PHIL 0991:  Plato, Mind, and Moral Psychology
PHIL 1290:  Kant’s Moral Philosophy
PHIL 1590:  Philosophy of Science
PHIL 1650:  Moral Theories
PHIL 1660:  Metaphysics
PHIL 1750:  Epistemology
PHIL 2020O:  Puzzles of Consciousness
PHIL 2150G:  Aristotle’s Metaphysics
PHIL 1720:  Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason 
UNIV 1520:  The Shaping of World Views
(and others with approval)