The Science Track

Science Track

The Sciences Track in Contemplative Studies gives concentrators a foundational understanding of the scientific methods used to investigate the biological, psychological and neurological effects of contemplative practices and their potential implications on physical and mental health both for individuals and the general public.   

 Five thematic science courses drawn primarily from BIOL, COST, NEUR, CLPS and PHP, at least one of which must include laboratory work,  two of which must be 1000-level, and one of which much be a Statistics course.

BIOL 0280:  Introductory Biochemistry (Lab)
BIOL 0470:  Genetics (Lab)
BIOL 0530: Principles of Immunology
BIOL 0800: Principles of Physiology (lab)
BIOL 1170: Mammalian Physiology
BIOL 1880: Comparative Biology of the Vertebrates
COST 0200:  Meditation and the Brain #
COST 1020:  Cognitive Neuroscience of Meditation #
COST 1080/PHP 1880:  Meditation, Mindfulness, and Health #
CLPS 0700: Social Psychology
CLPS 0710:  The Psychology & Philosophy of Happiness
CLPS 1091: Research Design and Methods
CLPS 1490 fMRI: Theory and Practice
CLPS 1193: Laboratory in Genes and Behavior
CLPS 1194: Sleep and Chronobiology Research
CLPS 1291: Computational Methods for Mind, Brain and Behavior
CLPS 1400:  The Neural Bases of Cognition
CLPS 1492: Computational Cognitive Neuroscience
CLPS 1570:  Visual Consciousness 
CLPS 1590: Visualizing Vision
CLPS 1791: Laboratory in Social Cognition
NEUR 1020:  Principles of Neurobiology
NEUR 1030:  Neural Systems 
NEUR 1540: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory 
NEUR 1600: Experimental Neurobiology
NEUR 1940I: The Neural Correlates of Consciousness
PHP 1600: Introduction to Conducting Clinical Research
PHP 1740: Health Behavior and Health Promotion Interventions
PHP 1920:  Social Determinants of Health 
(and others, with approval)

 One statistics course
APMA 0650:  Essential Statistics
APMA 1650:  Statistical Inference
BIOL 0495:  Statistical Analysis of Biological Data
CLPS 0900:  Quantitative Methods in Psychology
EDUC 1110:  Introductory Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis
PHP 1501:  Essentials of Data Analysis
(and others, with approval)

#Course that can be taken as Track Requirements if Not Used as Core Course