Featured Student

first enrolled at Brown in 1996 as a Freshman in the Resumed Undergraduate Education (RUE) program. At that time, the Contemplative Studies Initiative was barely a gleam in Professor Roth's eye. Now, 25 "gap years" later, I've returned to Brown to complete my degree. It was the Contemplative Studies Concentration that drew me back. Like many RUE students, my path to Brown was circuitous and non-traditional. Rather than attend college to study theatre, I opted to learn-by-doing, becoming an actor, then director, then teacher and finally producer, establishing a renowned local theater. But several years ago, I began meditating, and noticed a profound link between my practice and my craft: a link that gave birth to an almost effortless "flow" of creativity and inspiration. So I re-enrolled at Brown to concentrate in Contemplative Studies and explore that link. A positively Brunonian project.