William James Thesis Prize Awarded to Senior Contemplative Studies Concentrator, Chloe Zimmerman

William James was the quitessential contemplative scientist.  He engaged with humanistic philosophical thinkers around enduring questions related to value, aesthetics and morality.  He was an acute observer of the "inner stuff" of conscious experience via introspection.  He took a strong, observational interest in contemplative religious experience.  His scientific greatness and importance comes from the ways in which he leveraged these subtle, ineffable questions and experiences to demarcate the new science of psychology.

(Distributed May 14, 2015)

Brown Contemplative Studies Highlighted in Huffington Post

Contemplative Studies at Brown was recently featured in an article by the Huffington Post.  The article details the recent creation of the Contemplative Studies concentration at Brown and the larger impact of the program to the field and beyond.  To view the full article, click here.

(Distributed November 11, 2014)
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