Dr. Willoughby Britton and Dr. Jared Lindahl

The CLANlab researches the effects of contemplative practices on cognitive, emotional, and neurophysiological processes in both clinical and non-clinical settings. CLANlab investigates the link between contemplative practices, brain function, and affective disturbances, such anxiety, depression and substance abuse. 

The lab also investigates the effects of contemplative education programs in middle school and university students (in comparison to music and dance training). The lab is conducting a 5-year NIH-funded study that compares the effects of different meditation practices on brain function and emotional wellbeing. 

The lab is also the home of the Varieties of Contemplative Experience project, which investigates the range of experiences associated with meditation, and in particular those reported as unexpected, difficult or distressing.

For a sampling of publications of Dr. Britton and her student research assistants, see the Scholarly Works page on this website or visit the lab website here.